Posted by: BerryTech | August 28, 2008

BlackBerry Touch Is Storm; For Verizon

BlackBerry Storm Watch

BlackBerry Storm Watch

An amazing photo just leaked out onto the Internet (via Engadget). The seemed to have uncovered the Verizon BlackBerry 9500 box art!! This art clearly points at the Blackberry 9500 as the Verizon BlackBerry Storm. We knew the change was coming for a little while now. Back near the beginning of August, other speculations we’re flying around about RIM dropping the “Thunder” name and going with the Storm. Well according to Engadget, that’s only partly the case.

More info about the Verizon BB Storm and the box art after the jump.

So we know now that Verizon will be getting the 9500 as the Storm, but it seems RIM isn’t getting rid of the “Thunder” name; They’re just saving it for Canada (and the EU)! That’s right, Rogers and Vodafone are expected to get the BlackBerry 9500 as the Thunder, not the Storm.

Personally I’m torn; since I’m here in the U.S. I’ll be picking up the 9500 from Verizon as the Storm, which in my opinion has a greater advertising/marketing value in it’s name (i.e. “There’s a Storm hitting Verizon”), corny as it may be. Although, the name Thunder when talking with a buddy of yours sounds a lot stronger (i.e. “Hey Man! Check out my Thunder”), okay yeah that one was a little weird, but you get my point.

The box art below does give us one cool bit of info we haven’t seen untill now though. It looks like RIM, or possibly Verizon, is throwing in an 8GB MicroSD card right in the box! That’s pretty sweet. This photo does symbolize some good news about the 9500 coming out here soon. This box art appears to be a final version (although could be changed), hopefully we’ll get an Official release date here in the next few weeks.

Verizon BlackBerry Storm Box Art

Verizon BlackBerry Storm Box Art


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