Posted by: BerryTech | August 23, 2008

WorldMate Live

WorldMate Live

WorldMate Live

In the past few years with the release of the 8800’s, the Pearl, and recently the Curve its easy to see that BlackBerry’s aren’t only for the stuffy business guys walking around New York and D.C. BlackBerry’s have developed into a top notch smartphone with all the function of a business phone and all the style of a media phone. With this in mind we can’t forget where the BlackBerry got its start and that does happen to be in the realm of big business. Weather you are one of those business guys that need your BlackBerry for work or one of the thousands of non-business BlackBerry users; WorldMate Live is an application you just can’t pass up.

WorldMate Live is an application with some high end functionality. WML can work as a basic weather app and also can be as advanced as a flight scheduler. That’s right, WML gives you live data on:

Hotel Booking
Flight Schedules
World Clocks
Flight Status
Currency Converter
Travel Directory
World Map

All these features can come in real handy for any big travelers. Now to use all the features you’ll have to sign up for a Gold Membership, but if you’re not sure you’ll want to pay for the service WorldMate Live lets you have a 7 day trial of they’re Gold Membership on them.


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