Posted by: BerryTech | August 18, 2008

More On Bold Pricing

Bold Non-Contract Pricing

Bold Non-Contract Pricing

If you’ve seen the latest numbers for the Bold, you’re probably a little frustrated at the extra bit of money you were trying to save. We all had really hoped for that $299 price tag that would have made it some serious competition for the iPhone. This $399 price point one Rogers network isn’t something to push those true BerryAdictics away, but it will be a little tougher to bring in that younger crowd that’s getting sucked into the colorful (without substance) iPhone. If you’re not ready to chain yourself to a 3-year contract to the “Big Red Machine” that is Rogers, then I hope you wallet isnt shy about a fairly large amount of cash.

In the screen shot it clearly states that by avoiding getting locked into a contract with Rodges you can go for the retail price of $649. While this is pretty high, you get to avoid any contracts that force you into long drawn out processes with the phone companies. We all know you want that Bold, but who can resist the new Thunder or maybe the Javelin coming out soon. Hope your wallets can handle some of the punishment.


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