Posted by: BerryTech | August 15, 2008

Create Files In Docs-To-Go

Documents To Go

Documents To Go

If you’ve been daring enough to already make that jump to BlackBerry OS 4.5 you’re probably swimming in new features and still haven’t tried them all. Well we have a reason to drop what your doing try out one of your new applications on OS 4.5. Documents-To-Go is an app for BlackBerry smart phones that allows you to create and edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents. Finally some free business software that can actually do something, but of course there’s a catch. While you can do all those things with the Premium software, OS 4.5 only comes with the Basic edition and without the Premium version you’re limited to only editing Word and PowerPoint docs. Find out how to create these docs after the jump.

If you’re a tech wiz you might have already figured out the solution to the problem here. Granted no mater how much we try we can’t get Excel with the Basic version, its just not possible. However, even though they only allow you to create documents if you purchase the Premium edition, an idea to get around this tricky “please buy our upgrade” situation came quickly with the release of OS 4.5 only a few days ago.

Have you guessed how to do it yet? We’ll give you a hint; you can still edit saved documents, even blank ones. Yep, that’s it, all you really need to do to get around this annoying disable. In case you need a little more guidance on how to do that read the step by step instructions below.

1. Be sure you have BlackBerry OS 4.5 installed and make sure you can run Documents-To-Go.

2. Create a BLANK document (or a basic template you’d like to use) on your pc.

3. There are two ways to get a document onto your device: Straight to your MicroSD card or email it to yourself.

4. Once you’ve transferred the document onto your handheld, you’ll need to open Docs-To-Go.

5. Select OPEN Word (or PowerPoint) document.

6. Navigate to that document and select it.

7. Create your new document and save it with a DIFFERENT name.

8. Repeat Steps 5-7 to create new documents.



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