Posted by: BerryTech | August 15, 2008

BlackBerry Partners Fund

BlackBerry Partners Fund

BlackBerry Partners Fund

We’ve heard a little about this venture from the community over the last few weeks, but the expected site and information has been slow coming. Finally, Its HERE! The BlackBerry Partners Fund site is up and running and asking you to submit possible business plans for the future of mobile technology and BlackBerry. The site is new so not a lot of news is coming out of it yet, but we’re gonna stay posted on it expecting some big news in the near future. A small business statement after the jump.

The BlackBerry Partners Fund™ is a $150 million venture capital fund focused on applications and services including mobile commerce (payments, advertising, retailing and banking), vertical and horizontal enterprise applications, communications, social networking, location-based applications and services (navigation and mapping), media and entertainment, and lifestyle and personal productivity applications for the BlackBerry® and other mobile platforms. The Fund will consider all stages of development and is co-managed by JLA Ventures and RBC Venture Partners.

BlackBerry Partners Fund Website

BlackBerry Partners Fund Website


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