Posted by: BerryTech | August 14, 2008

Customize With ColorWare

ColorWare Custom Curve

ColorWare Custom Curve

ColorWare’s custom coloring service has been offered for a long time, but most people don’t even think about customizing their electronics because usually you pay a couple bucks and a few days later you get a sticker in the mail that is a close (not perfect) fit to your phone, laptop, gaming system and more. Well this company is no “skin” designer and wont just mail you a sticker.

With ColorWare you ship out your electronic or purchase a custom one right from the site; they then take apart that item and give it a custom paint job on site. With their web based “Design Studio” you can select the colors you want and for some electronics pick multiple parts of the item, then apply it to the display model and get a quote all through their website.

ColorWare Screen

ColorWare Screen

If you doing this for say your new BlackBerry Curve, we know the price for this service is a little high considering how much you paid for you phone, but remember most of you got an upgrade or new service¬†discount and weren’t paying the full retail price. ColorWare’s service is really for someone who might have a little extra cash and really wants they’re BlackBerry to stick out from anyone else.

So you’re thinking you might want to do this now right! We’ll one more downfall for this service is the fact that while they’re giving your phone that sweet custom paint you just picked you’re kind of out of a phone for a bit, sometimes as much as 2 weeks. One nice feature is they’re RapidReturn, which will work for that new Curve unless your on Verizon; this gets it back to you in 2 days.

If of you readers out there end up getting one of these custom paint jobs send us some photos and we’ll post them up on the site!


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