Posted by: BerryTech | August 11, 2008

Rogers Pearl 8220 Price Point

Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 8220

Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 8220

Anonymous tips can come from every corner of the Internet; some give valuable and even secret information while others can give false or even wrongly miss leading information. In this case i think we have a winner! This article posted from BBNews gives some very clear cut information about the new Pearl 8220 (Kickstart) coming soon to Rodgers.

It’s no surprise RIM and Rogers are trying to push this phone out as soon as possible, given the new design that should be more appealing to the younger crowd and bring in tons of new unexpected members to the BlackBerry community. Getting it too this younger audience before the ‘back-to-school’ craze begins or at least making it out there right after it would be a wise decision for both companies.

Here are some price points on that coming soon FlipBerry:

Retail Price: $599.99

3-Year Voice and Data Contract Price: $99.99

Special Promotional Price: $49.99

The special promotional price that Rogers is hoping to sell a lot of 8220s with requires the student sign up for the $45 Student Plan, $15 an up Email Plan, and $15 or $20 Value Pack.

The $45 Student Plan includes:

– 450 Weekday Minutes
– Unlimited Evenings and Weekends starting at 6pm
– MY5 Canada-Wide (Unlimited talk, SMS, and MMS to any five numbers in Canada)
– Unlimited Local Incoming Minutes
– $5 off Value Pack for duration of contract




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