Posted by: BerryTech | August 7, 2008

Will.I.Am Shows Off Curve



RIM has apparently found a new advertising out let with Will.I.Am’s newestvideo for the song “One More Chance”. After a quick intro, then for almost a full min, this music video almost appears to be a BlackBerry commercial. Will.I.Am dances in font of a BlackBerry ad in what looks like a bus stop. He then pulls a Sunset or Red Curve (I believe its an AT&T Red Curve, but its tough to tell) out of the ad and makes a call. This video while obviously works as a great ad for BlackBerry; subtly shows off “MyFaves” which is clearly a T-Mobile venture. Video after the jump.

Really would have been nice to see Will.I.Am doing a bit for RIM on the Bold instead of Copeland, but who knows maybe Will.I.Am can pick up the Kickstart (Pearl 8220) or better yet the Thunder!



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