Posted by: BerryTech | August 6, 2008

Craigslist Removing All Bolds

Craigslist Search for Bold

Craigslist Search for Bold

Since the BlackBerry Bold’s release in Chile, Hong Kong, and now Germany it’s no surprise to find Bolds sneaking around the Internet, some real and some fake. I decided to investigate a little to see if I could pull up any Unlocked Bolds or more Bold Pre-Orders. After finding the a real Unlocked BlackBerry Bold on ebay, that a few sites in the Community have talked about, for $1,059 USD; I looked into some other sites. I came across, after searching and finding no luck on a Bold in my area; I decided to do a massive Craigslist search using Google and came across 125 postings.

I poked around a few of these listings and to no avail came up with the same results every time. The screen below shows you what I found time and time again.

Craigslist Bold Search Error Page

Craigslist Bold Search Error Page

It seems the guys at Craigslist are really on top of things by removing these posts quickly from their lists. I wonder if they’re removing them because they are fake or if it’s simply to protect themselves because the Bold has just been released and not even inside the US. If you happen to be poking around Craigslist and find one of these listings and its actually there, please screen shot the page and send it our way.


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