Posted by: BerryTech | August 6, 2008

BlackBerry 8220, Not Kickstart?

Kickstart Now Pearl 8220

Kickstart Now Pearl 8220

Shortly after I made the post about the BlackBerry Red Kickstart; the guys over at BlackBerryCool post an article about the Kickstart as well. In they’re post they have a large picture from a handbook disclosing the name of the BlackBerry 8220 not as the Kickstart, but as the BlackBerry Pearl 8220. WHAT!??

This is highly disappointing! While everyone in the Community could easily tell the so called “Kickstart” hugely resembled the Pearl, it was widely though that they would run along side each other as the FlipBerry (Kickstart) and the TinyBerry (Pearl). Well, we were highly mistaken and now I think the 8220 has lost a great deal of its flavor and originality. I’d already discussed the awesomeness of a BlackBerry phone in a flip phones body to many of my Berryless friends. Now that we’re finding out that it’s no more than a Pearl 2.0 it’s not so exciting. I know the Kickstart, which I’m probably going to still call it either way, probably wasn’t on the top of the list for most of you berry addicts out there, but it still would have been an amazing tool to bring in new and eager BlackBerry users. I hope you know what your doing RIM!

Kickstart Now Pearl 2.0

Kickstart Now Pearl 2.0



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