Posted by: BerryTech | August 1, 2008

Chatter Around RIM’s HQ

RIM Headquarters

RIM Headquarters

Some interesting information about the upcoming BlackBerry phones has leaked straight out of RIM’s Headquarters. They mention the noticeably increasing pressure of the upcoming BlackBerry Thunder’s release, they also discussed enjoying the unreleased BlackBerry Javelin over the soon to be released BlackBerry Bold. Find out more after the jump.

Inside RIM’s HQ, it seems there’s an overwhelming rushed feeling to have the BlackBerry Thunderready to go with the deadline getting closer and closer. While there’s no official release date or even an official acknowledgement of its existence; to make is “expected” release date of October 8th it still needs to be submitted to Verizon and Vodafone(UK). It looks like RIM is going to cut it unbelievably close if it does still end up being released on that expected date; assuming they don’t run into any serious issues with Verizon (seems to always happen).

Apparently more talk coming out of RIM’s HQ seems to say the majority of RIM employees are more excited about the unannounced BlackBerry Javelin (an upgraded version of the Curve), then they are about the almost released BlackBerry Bold with its 3G and new operating system. Word is that the 3G capability of the Bold means almost nothing to the guys at RIM, because the Javelin with its built in Wifi makes more sense for a workplace that has it available. With the Bold’s release coming very shortly, fingers crossed for beginning of September, we’ll have to see what 3G capability can really do.



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