Posted by: BerryTech | July 31, 2008

Nokia Banishes BlackBerry

Nokia Boots BlackBerry
Nokia Boots BlackBerry

It seems that Nokia is fed up with all you BlackBerry Connect users with Nokia E-Series phones. So in recent news Nokia is giving the BlackBerry Connect service the boot! Nokia’s Simon Ainslie  had this to say,

 “RIM are a competitor and have done a reasonable job in a space that is traditionally ours, so it’s no great surprise that we see this as an opportunity to give consumers a proper choice on what email solution they want.

The BlackBerry Connect application basicly works as a push email app. Nokia is clearly making a bad decision here demanding you to find other ways or shove off to a BlackBerry phone and BES or BIS. BlackBerry and Nokia are the two big hitters in the business world, but with this latest push from Nokia the tables could change really quickly. We’ll have to see what Nokia plans to do to recover from their inevitable loss from the business realm.

source (SG)


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