Posted by: BerryTech | July 30, 2008

KickStart Hands-On



It seems the guys at have managed to snag a Blackberry KickStart (8200 series) before its offical anouncement/release. In the video after the jump they do a full hands-on review of the KickStart and show you some of the amazing features we’ll see with this new phone.

Incase you haven’t heard anything about the KickStart, I’ll do a quick run through for you. The KickStart is a soon to come Blackberry smart phone. Its truly unique feature is the fact that it’s a flip phone!! If your not a Blackberry addict you might not understand the big deal, but this is the first flip phone RIM has ever released. The KickStart will run the OS 4.5 (same as the Bold), it has a font screen for quick viewing of messages, and has the trackball Blackberry users have come to love. It appears the KickStart will be coming out on T-Mobile, but many have speculated that Verizon will release the phone shortly after. Check out the video below for more info and to see the working phone.

source ( Crackberry )

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