Posted by: BerryTech | July 29, 2008

Sunset Curve

Sunset Curve

Sunset Curve

Sunset is a new tantalizing color for the already magnificent Blackberry Curve. This new color is coming out for the T-Mobile BlackBerry 8320. The new color is a stunning array of reds and oranges blended over the sleek cover of the Curve. The contrast between colors, the brights in the red/orange and the rich black of the keys and screen, help this Blackberry stand out from the humdrum of the typical business crowd. The Curve’s purpose since concept has been to bring the functionallity of a business smart phone and blend it with the usability and sleekness of a media phone. This mix has proved itself worthy and the new Sunset Curve will clearly push anyone, that can’t wait for the Bold, over the top; especially with a release date of August 4th!

Sunset Curve Cont.

Sunset Curve Cont.


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