Posted by: BerryTech | July 29, 2008

Bold PreOrders

Mobile City Bold PreOrder
Mobile City Bold PreOrder

With news around the BlackBerry community in a bustle about the new Bold, and it’s hopefully soon release date, it’s no surprise we’re seeing loads of preorders from non-carrier sites. These unlocked and unbranded phones are prepped and ready for your SIM card (with no activation).

We imagine your average carrier release price point to range somewhere around $299 with a new 2 year contract. So this $699 price tag attached to an unlocked ready for any carrier price really isn’t all that terrible. The best part of this listing isn’t the decent price, but the release date they listed. August 14, 2008 is they’re Expected Arrival Date for the Bold!! While most have speculated mid and early September a few have even stated late August for a release, but mid-August would be way ahead of the game. Unless we hear some breaking news from the Major Carriers on release changes; This could be a great deal for all you BB Addicts that need the most up to date equipment the moment it gets out.

We’ll check back with the site as we near that date and post any further information we get.


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